Wildcatter™  Tanks Available Exclusively Through Tri-State Enterprises

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The first transfer tank built for the oil field

The Wildcatter™  line is born from the hands of founders rooted in the very landscape these tanks navigate. Through observation and innovation, we've meticulously crafted a transfer tank that redefines durability without sacrificing weight or functionality. Every element of the Wildcatter™  has been scrutinized and refined, ensuring unparalleled durability and performance. Our patented designs, forged from years of hands-on installation and comprehensive analysis of industry returns, is engineered to conquer the rugged terrains of the oil field. The only similarity between our tank and others is its shape and base material. Welcome to the evolution of transfer tanks.


  • 3x Weld Thickness at Seams vs. Competitors
  • 20%-40% Less Welds than Competitors
  • First and Only Structural Floating Baffle System
  • HD Structural 4"x1"x1/8" Internal Pump Support
  • Each Tank is Pressure Tested & Tagged for Approval
  • Multi-Slot Front Mounting Holes to Avoid Shimming 
  • Tank Fits all Cross-Boxes
  • 42 & 88 Gallon Models Available
  • Available in Tank or Tool&Tank Combo Options
  • Made in USA
  • .375" Drain/Plug & Lockable Vent Cap w/ Base Included


Download our product handouts

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